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Pascoe Naturmedizin – One of the Best Employers in Germany

Our employees – the essence of the company

Our employees – the essence of the company

For more than 10 years, our employees have voted us into the top ranks of Germany’s best employers. Whereas we have been voted first place four times and even first place as “Great Place to Work” in Europe in 2020. Additional awards as “Best in Industry” and first place as best employer in our region confirm the holistic management model. For more than 10 years, we have been facing national and international comparisons to rate ourselves and be inspired.

Holistic management

The three-pillar model of holistic corporate management, comprising the strategy process, personal development and corporate health management, has proven its worth. Each single employee is involved in the company’s overall strategy. By using personality analysis, the strengths and development potential of the individual become clear.

Managing Director Annette D. Pascoe:“We practice what we sell — holistic health. Internally as well as to the outside. An award-winning workplace culture always goes hand in hand with holistic corporate management and a high culture of trust. It creates meaning and motivation, and from this comes success, which secures our jobs.”

A good and attractive workplace culture is also reflected in positive business results. Pascoe’s employer concept is now being requested and successfully adopted by companies of all sizes.
In 2022, the German Federal Ministry of Labour awarded the company the title “Sustainable Corporate Culture.” The company will receive the award from the Federal Minister of Labour in September 2022 in Berlin.

The employee-focused corporate culture is anchored at all levels of the company. For Managing Director Jürgen F. Pascoe, this is a matter of course: “Being fit for the future, facing up to one's tasks, means being far-sighted and confident. Our strong Pascoe community will enable us to shape a successful future. As entrepreneurs, we are responsible for giving meaning to our employees’ work and deploying them according to their strengths. That’s how we secure our level of performance and provide real quality of life."

Mobile and agile working

Pascoe found that a high employee culture proves its worth during the pandemic years through its special commitment as an employer.

Managing Director Jürgen F. Pascoe:"In the last two years, every employee has been able to experience how much and how quickly our cooperative work has changed. Thanks to our transparent and trusting corporate culture that has grown over the years, the digital processes already in place and our high-quality IT equipment, as well as our preventive health management, we were able to successfully meet the challenges. We’d like to thank our highly motivated employees with their outstanding team spirit.”

The culture and attitude practiced is what counts for being a “TOP Employer Germany”!

A total of almost 3,000 companies from Europe participated in the employer competition. Great Place to Work® surveyed almost 1.4 million employees on how they experience the quality and attractiveness of their workplace culture. For the upcoming employer ranking, the focus was on culture-related topics such as leadership, innovation, inclusion, trust and the work-life balance. Company managers also answered questions on the quality, diversity and sustainability of the measures and instruments, which are of their HR tasks.

To be considered for the European competition, companies had to excel in a national competition such as “Germany's Best Employers.” Pascoe Naturmedizin has already been recognized nationally four times as Germany’s best employer and once as Europe’s best employer. In addition, Pascoe was ranked first in the sector “Manufacturing & Industry” – truly an excellent employer!

What is “Great Place to Work®“?

The ranking was based on a detailed, anonymous survey of employees on key workplace issues such as trust in managers, quality of cooperation, appreciation, identification with the company, career development opportunities, compensation, health promotion, social issues and work-life balance. In addition, the management was asked about measures and offers that are conducive to HR work in the company. The results of the two internationally proven survey instruments (“Great Place to Work®” employee survey + culture audit) were weighted in a ratio of 2:1; the focus is therefore on the employees’ rating.

Companies of all sizes and from all sectors throughout Germany took part in the “Germany's Best Employers” ranking. They submitted to a voluntary assessment of their corporate culture’s quality by the independent “Great Place to Work®” institute and the verdict of their own staff. The ranking of the best employers by category was determined by considering the opinions of all participants.

Other Awards
Great Place to Work 2022

Excellent workplace culture stands for safety and success

Pascoe Naturmedizin again awarded second best in employer ranking

Annette D. Pascoe: “Especially in times of the pandemic, we were glad that we could rely on a stable workplace and trust culture that had grown over the years. Our sustainable corporate culture proved its worth and was reflected in the highly motivated and high-performing Pascoe community. For this, we would like to express our sincere thanks to our employees. We hope and wish that we may continue to live and work in a peaceful Europe in the future.”

Great place to work collage 2021-many pictures of happy Pascoe employees

In first place into a new era!

Innovation, courage and foresight as milestones

Pascoe Naturmedizin was voted into first place by its employees for the fourth time. 

Managing Director Annette D. Pascoe: “We are very happy to have mastered a smooth transition into the new era with our employees’ support. We would like to thank the all for this from the bottom of our hearts. It is worthwhile to continuously create transparency with our strategy process, to involve everyone, to encourage and to invest in the corporate culture. That’s why everyone sees meaning in their work.”

Great Place to work 2020-Pascoe ranks no.1 for the third time!

Pascoe ranks no. 1 for the third time!

Pascoe Naturmedizin was voted first place by its employees for the third time. The award was presented by the GPTW Institute in February in Berlin.

Managing Director Annette Pascoe:“How successfully we use the opportunities of digitalization is not only the answer to technology, but also to our corporate culture. Finding meaning in one's work, using technology intelligently, and doing daily work in a good mood are the challenges we address perfectly with a modern and agile way of working.”

Pascoe among the 20 best employers in Europe!

Pascoe among the 20 best employers in Europe!

In Stockholm in the summer of 2019, Pascoe Naturmedizin was once again recognized as one of the best employers in Europe by the “Great Place to Work” Institute. In total, almost 3,000 companies from 19 European countries took part in the employer competition. For this purpose, 1.4 million employees were asked to rate the quality and attractiveness of their company. Pascoe was ranked 19th by its employees with very good survey results. This is already the fifth award for Pascoe at European level.

Work as fulfilment and finding meaning in the job. More and more people are looking for meaning and satisfaction in their careers alongside material remuneration. At Pascoe, both are possible. “We do a great deal for our employees so that they can feel every day whether their work is compatible with their sense of life. With our holistic health management, we additionally contribute to keeping our employees mentally and physically healthy while allowing them to develop their full potential”, says Annette Pascoe, Managing Director of Pascoe.

This year, Pascoe was voted first in Germany by its employees and also took first place as the best in the industry and Hesse’s best employer, respectively.

Great Place to work-Pascoe Naturmedizin once again no. 1!

Pascoe Naturmedizin once again no. 1!

Pascoe Naturmedizin was again voted first place among the best employers by its employees. The company has succeeded over eight years to be among the best employers in Germany.

Always on the lookout for new inspiration and insights, the managing couple Annette D. and Jürgen F. Pascoe regularly visit the creative hotspots of this world to get impulses from successful companies.

Annette Pascoe, Managing Director:“Changing your perspective at any time, constantly reinventing yourself, questioning and further developing your previous success factors and being inspired by what you do safeguards our future. Sharing ideas and thoughts with our employees plays a crucial role in this. In our Future Workshop, we promote creativity and unconventional exchange to allow new things to emerge.”

The company already launched an advanced training offensive last year that perfectly positions employees to meet future requirements.

Das Unternehmen startete schon im vergangenen Jahr eine Weiterbildungsoffensive, die die Mitarbeiter perfekt aufstellt, um den zukünftigen Anforderungen gewachsen zu sein.

Pascoe among the best employers in Germany for the eighth time

Pascoe among the best employers in Germany for the eighth time

After being no. 1 in 2017, the high level was maintained with a 2nd place. Despite the great change required by the market, the company has managed to be among the best employers in Germany for eight years and in the award-winning ranks.

Annette Pascoe, Managing Director“Such outstanding results can be achieved when the sense of the company matches the sense of life of as many employees as possible.”

Pascoe stands for the concept of holistic corporate management. This includes the transparent strategy process, which ensures that all employees are involved in the overall strategy. The fact that this approach is taking hold is demonstrated by the excellent employee voting results and a health rate that is 50% above the industry average, as well as the positive business results. The company is on course for success and is enjoying steady growth. The number of employees is growing and the construction of the new building in Giessen is in full swing. The fact that employees are being taken along on this journey is demonstrated by the latest award.

German Design Award 2018 for the Pascoe image clip

German Design Award 2018 for the Pascoe image clip

Fascinating shots from the “Hessian Provence” around Giessen and brilliant camera work convey the love of all involved for the company and natural medicine. The jury’s statement said: “An impressive corporate film that provides insights at a high level in terms of form and content and at the same time comes across as highly authentic and credible.”

Managing Director Annette Pascoe: “We are so happy that we were able to present a corporate film that was created with so much commitment and heart. A special thank you to all the employees who worked in it. They are wonderful ambassadors for our medicines, our company and ultimately for natural medicine.”

The award-winning look behind the scenes shows what moves Pascoe – nature, technology and, of course, people: customers around the world, employees at the sites in Giessen, Vienna, Toronto and Bratislava, and the national and international partners. The image film provides an exclusive insight into a family-owned company with more than 120 years of experience. It is worth discovering the magnificent natural environment in which our medicinal plants grow and how they are used to produce natural medicines of the highest quality.

German Brand Award 2016 für Pascoe

Start into a green future: Pascoe Naturmedizin receives German Brand Award 2017 for new brand identity

It’s more than a new logo. It is a complete redesign of the brand world that has been successfully realized. For the extensive further development of the umbrella brand Pascoe, natural medicine since 1895, the company has now been awarded the German Brand Award 2017 in the category “Brand Strategy”.

Managing Director Annette Pascoe was delighted with the award:“Our new brand identity reflects people's desire for more naturalness combined with a yearning for values such as trust, orientation and consistency.”Head of Marketing Dr. Jochen Kühn: “For the entire company, this brand relaunch was an exciting challenge that will continue to accompany us. We are all the more pleased about this award, which shows us that we are successfully living the idea of a holistic brand strategy.” 

Top Innovator 2016 – Award for Pascoe

Pascoe Naturmedizin – a leader in innovation:

Success through holistic corporate management: Pascoe is one of the most innovative companies in the German SME sector. On June 24, 2016, the company was honoured as one of the most innovative companies in the German SME sector at the German SME Summit in Essen.

“Top 100” mentor Ranga Yogeshwar honoured the Giessen-based company with the “Top 100” seal, which has been awarded for over 20 years. For over 20 years, the “Top 100” seal has stood for innovative strength, thirst for knowledge and team spirit. In 2015, Germany’s most successful think tanks once again received the coveted award from the hands of “Top 100” mentor Ranga Yogeshwar.

After 2015, 2014, 2010 and 2006, we were honoured as a TOP innovator for the 5th time. Our repeated jump into the “Top 100” is preceded by a demanding selection process. The basis for the “Top 100” award is a two-stage analysis developed by Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke from the Vienna University of Economics and Business. Prof. Dr. Franke and his team examine the innovation management and innovation success of medium-sized companies on the basis of over 100 parameters in five categories. Who is ultimately awarded the “Top 100” seal is decided solely by the scientific heads.

Pascoe: Special Prize “Workplace Health Promotion

Pascoe wins special prize for “Workplace Health Promotion”

The sickness rate at Pascoe Naturmedizin is around 50% below the industry average. Reason enough for the Great Place to Work® Institute to award us the unique special prize “Workplace Health Promotion” at the largest human resources trade fair “Corporate Health Convention”.

The internationally active research and consulting institute paid particular tribute to our high level of sustained commitment, which is reflected among other things in the high approval ratings from our employees. The prize is awarded to just one company. 

German Brand Award 2016-Marketing Chef Jochen Kühn accepts the prize

Pascoe Naturmedizin wins the German Brand Award 2016

The German Brand Award is the prize for outstanding brand management in Germany. The award honours Pascoe Naturmedizin as one of the pioneering brands in this field.

The company was honoured with the German Brand Award 2016 “Industry Excellence in Brand Strategy, Management and Creation” for its new online portal Naturheilkunde.de, which has become one of the largest portals in the field of natural medicine in a very short time, with over 10,000 registered doctors, pharmacists and alternative practitioners.

“Our good ideas and their quick implementation are a decisive competitive factor for us. That is why we invest a lot of time and effort in our innovation management. In this course, we rely on the inventiveness of all our employees. I would like to thank them very much for achieving this award. It’s a wonderful feeling to lead a company that makes the world a little better every day."

Jürgen F. Pascoe, Managing Director